Tigray is found in north Ethiopia and is the credile of civilization of the Horn of Africa.

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Ethiopia is like a car without a motor!

After one year of silence, when they heard the people of Addis Ababa are going to demonstrate, I thought it was to welcome more than 9000 prisoners released from Mekelle.

It was expected that the people broke their silence to stop the civil war and the genocide that is happening on the people of Tigray and to call for peace. This is what a sane person thinks.

But the purpose of the demonstration was to give moral support to Ethiopian and Eritrean troops to continue the genocide on the people of Tigray and to condemn the countries that are calling for peace. This is probably the first time in history that we have seen people in the streets condemning their friends.

It is known that the people of Tigray have been closed from any other world. It has been closed for two years so that the media won't even report it and the people are starving.

TPLF can't tolerate the atrocities that are being done on the land and in the sky including the borrowed drones. At a time when an unforgettable genocide is being committed on innocent people with the Eritrean army, is the protester who goes out to the streets to support the army healthy?

Which country is supporting TPLF through which way? If America wanted to help TPLF, was it because he was afraid of Abiy and Isis? Do Ethiopians understand that their leader of destruction Abiy is getting support from Eritrea, Russia, China, Turkey, Emirates, African Union?

America and Europe gave Abiy a Nobel prize and they are waiting for Tigray to perish, where did they support TPLF? Or did they mean to stop war and solve your problems peacefully?

How can a person fail to live for his conscience? When Abiy and his friends lie about not entering Eritrea, when they tell you that the last year's war is flourishing, they make you expensive, when hundreds of thousands are in Tigray and never come back, when they learn from it's a marathon, etc. How much time do you need to reconcile with the truth?

You closed the roads of the people of Tigray, closed the banks to prevent their own money, cut off the lights so that Tekze can't live in the dark, banned phones and internet to prevent them from connecting with the world, raped their daughters by your own and foreign forces, murdered children and elders, the people who have been with you for years because they are Tigrian. Y’all be saying “nta” in every prison Your hunger: Which world are you going to flee to?

"Ethiopian people are like a car that doesn't have a motor except the people of Tigray! "Who was the one that said it?" How can you explain that Ethiopia is left with only Qofo?

What is happening now is what happened yesterday: Menelik gave Eritrea to Italy and the people of Tigray commit brutal atrocities with their army.

Haileselassie killing thousands of innocent Tigre people in Monday market.

Derg in Hauzen and Temben cities being beaten by a plane by thousands of innocent Tegarus with the support of soviet.

We can mention a few of the many when the budget is being abused on children in Mekelle Aydert.

It is very sad to see the betrayal of the people Marko appointed by the people of Tigray who have fought for all these atrocities.

There is one secret that both friends and enemies should know. No matter how much sacrifice it requires, the victory of the people of Tigray is inevitable. Italians, Egyptians, Emperors, Dergs, Shaibiyas, Prosperous people will be disgraced.

Make your correction but the people of Tigray will get their freedom by their children like yesterday. The people of Tigray know which party they lead and by whom they lead. It is shameful to see those who claim to be Ethiopians struggling to liberate the people of Tigray.

Even though there are a few people who are not involved in mob politics, it is not because there are Ethiopians and Eritreans who condemn the genocide happening on the people of Tigray.

For the supporters of Abiy and Esayas governments whose light has gone dark, they may be able to hang on a building built during TPLF/EPRDF administration but later they will gain a regret that will last for generations.

It is not possible to differentiate the people of Tigray and the party they have chosen and make them kneel. Therefore, by the traitors that Marko elected yesterday. Using a mass of people or using a drone will not lead to victory.

So for now, those who are driven by lies and emotions and are spreading wars should be careful. They are not sure if they will have a country tomorrow.

The Ethiopia that the people of Tigray sacrificed themselves for their country has become hell and now it is a "combination army" of foreign countries.


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