Tigray is found in north Ethiopia and is the credile of civilization of the Horn of Africa.

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Enough with war...!

Collaborating with Shabiya and stabbing Ethiopia and Ethiopians is a "historical mistake" and a high "crime of treason"!

Lidetu Ayalew September 12, 2015 E.C.

Due to health problems and getting tired of repeating the same, I have been away from social media for the past five months. I'm definitely still not in any better health than I was. However, when I heard on the news that the army of Shabiya has invaded "Ethiopia" again due to the current civil war that has been lost and is killing generations, destructing the country and its people, and dividing unity, when I heard it on the news I couldn't pass by silently and I wanted to express my opinion and stand on the issue with this short clip.

As I have tried to express in different media outlets, we Ethiopians are at a low level in terms of far-sightedness, patriotism, solidarity with the people, humanity and moral equilibrium. If it wasn't for this, let alone trying to attack the people of Tigray with Esayas Afeworki, the historical enemy of the Ethiopian people. Thinking instead of doing it It was not a serious matter to be discussed and discussed. When I think that this is happening in this age, I am deeply saddened and regret that I am part of the current political process.

As we understand from the political history of others and our own country, when a civil war breaks out in a country, fighting parties try to get financial, arms, professional, training or diplomatic support from foreign governments. However, it is a shameful and wrong new historical event that is known for its enemy to be in a war front with a government that is known as enemy.

The history that we Ethiopians are known for is by putting aside our internal differences and standing together to defend our country from attacks when an enemy forces come. It has never been a sign of our governments history to invade our own land and people by standing together with the enemy army. Even though some local forces or individuals who are in line with the enemy have not been eliminated every year, a government that is in power invites a foreign force that is the enemy of the people that governs itself and is the enemy of its people, and to see them being attacked by itself or through the enemy territory is a new phenomenon that has been seen only in the era of Dr. Abiy. Abiy. Incident will be remembered as a shameful face of our history for the present and future generations.

Some politicians and "social activists" who are blinded by the hatred of the people and the thirst for power believe that Tigray and the people of Tigray are not part of Ethiopia and the current Shabia invasion is only on Tigray or TPLF. It is clear that they see that the intervention of Shabia is beneficial to the country.

However, the current Shabia invasion is an attack on Ethiopians for any positive citizen who wants to understand the situation and the interest of the country and the people.

Moreover, it is not possible to understand that it is part of the conspiracy to destroy Ethiopia to the extent that it cannot be saved forever. Even though they don't dare to say it openly, the politicians who try to show President Esayas as part of the solution to Ethiopia's problems understand this fact. However, the politics of these forces - mostly depends on the people of Tigray and at least on the hate they have for TPLF, so it is not reasonable. These politicians have chosen to blindly deny the harsh truth because their hatred is greater than their love for the country and the people they claim they have for the country and people.

If the war that is going on in Tigray at this time was a civil war related to the existence and security of Ethiopia, it would have ended with a victory of the government. It is not without reason that Dr. Abiy's government has a share of less than 5% of the country's skin size, population and wealth size, and it is not without reason to control the Tigray region which is under his own territory and cooperated with the killer army of Shabia and was forced to invade his own country and people. This war is nothing more than blind hatred and political power. Another convincing national cause is a futile war. By understanding this fact, any Ethiopian citizen who cares for the survival of his country, the security of the people and the sustainable peace should openly and boldly condemn the current Shabiya invasion and then take a stand and fight to overthrow the previous invasion. Every Ethiopian, especially the people of Tigray, who are close neighbors, who share the culture and survival of the Amhara people, should be a victim of false propaganda by supporting the Shaibiya invasion and making a mistake that will endanger his or her country's future. Making such a mistake that is against the sustainable interest of oneself and the country is not suitable for the history and identity of the Amhara people known for their patriotism and knowledge of justice.

Shabiya has never had a close friendship history with Amhara people than with TPLF and Tigray people. It is the people of Amhara who have been fighting Shabia as the main enemy. If Shabiya's wish to make the people of Tigray to kneel down and succeed, there is no doubt that the next target of Shabiya will be the Amhara people tomorrow. The attempt to weaken the Amhara and Tigray people by fighting each other or stabbing each other is not a temporary or coincidence but it is part of the long-standing project of weakening Ethiopia by Shabeya. Directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly being a part of this destruction project is a mistake that history will never forgive.

In my belief, the continuation of the existence of the Tigray people is not indirectly, it is a guarantee for the future of the Amhara people and the entire Ethiopian people. The people of Amhara should understand this fact and oppose the current Shabiya invasion more than anyone else for the sake of their own and Ethiopia's sustainable benefit. Not only by supporting the invasion of Shaabiya and being a part of the enemies of Ethiopia, but also by participating in the current civil war, the Amhara The people will only make their problems worse, they will not have a chance to maintain their existence and benefits. This is the reality that has been seen in practice after the war started. In the current politics and war, the problem of the Amhara people has not been solved, let alone solving and massacres. The people of Amhara will not get a different result from this continuing war. The goals of the war are mentioned as "disarm TPLF" and "destroy TPLF from the face of the earth" are successful or not, they will not be able to solve the structural problems of the Amhara people.

At this time when the people of Amhara are being ruled by the federal level by "OPDO-prosperity" and regional level by "ANDM-prosperty" by the same law and order, trying to disarm TPLF which is more acceptable among the people of Tigray cannot make the war fair and effective. Because this kind of aim of attacking only one individual is justice. Even though it is not Hawi, it is now in Tigray From the current situation, it is impossible to achieve this goal without destroying the people of Tigray.

Therefore, the people of Amhara should stand with the people of Tigray and work for the sustainable peace and security of the people, and if they can't do this for now, at least do their part by not being a victim of the conspiracy and conspiracy of others, they should do their best to protect the sustainable survival of themselves and their country. He's gonna have to.

Understanding that the people of Tigray can achieve lasting peace and survival is not by always fighting with those around them, but by creating good relations and cooperation with other peoples. They should have a heart desire and desire for peace and reconciliation process more than ever. It seems that the Tigray political delegates have been realizing that the stance they have been making regarding the Amhara political community is wrong. The recent change of narrative regarding the Amhara people should be seen positively. However, since the conflict between the people cannot be solved easily, this change of narrative is related to wartime propaganda and tactics. Not only but heartfelt and lasting. It should be continued strongly to prove that it is a strategic change of stance. The Amhara political community should also play its role to prioritize its current and future benefits and take similar constructive positions regarding the interest and interest of the Tigray people and lead the relationship to a healthy direction.

Continuing civil war at the moment will not benefit not only the Tigray and Amhara people who are the main victims of the problem. The only people who can benefit from this war are those who are drunk with the hatred of the people of Tigray and lead with the idea of "my enemy's enemy is my friend" and "social activists" and a few governments who try to extend their power by creating conflict between people.

Authorities and above all, the leaders of Shabiya who have made it their mission to weaken and destroy Ethiopia. In general, the current Shabiya invasion is an act that violates Ethiopian sovereignty and is against international law. More than this, this invasion as a result can cause a lasting danger to the existence of the people of Tigray and the unity of Ethiopia. Therefore, this invasion on the Ethiopian people, Eritrea people and the international community should be condemned and reversed. Especially as an Ethiopian citizen, it is important to understand that trying to support the Shabiya invasion is not only a historical mistake but also a crime of treason.

With the continuation of the war and the intervention of Shabiya, the problem of Tigray, Amhara and Ethiopian and Eritrea in general will only get worse and worse. Moreover, if the current war continues for months, the next generation of the country will end in a rate we have never seen in our history. Both the country and its people will live in poverty. In the process of restoring the country easily. It can be destroyed to an extent that it can't handle. As a people and generation, if we don't have the knowledge to know our needs and benefits, we have to stop this destructive and aimless war immediately. Blinded by intellect, bravery and hatred, continuing in such a destructive war is a sign of ignorance and backwardness not a measure of wisdom and bravery. That's not the case.

The only thing that can be said for sure, but the only thing that can solve all of our problems in a sustainable way is "Stop war! It is only by saying and extending our hands for peace.

Lidetu Ayalew September 12, 2015 E.C.

Enough with war...!


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